Thursday 28 June 2012

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Crafties trip to Wonder Wool Wales.

We started off at 8 am for the two hour drive to Bulith Wells in Wales where the event was held. It was extremely rainy all day but our mood lifted when we arrived at the venue to see all manner of lovely yarny things and accessories. 

 This wonderful shawl was at the easy knits stall. Hand made yarns and lovely patterns to show of the best of their wares. The two owners of the stall were warm and welcoming and had a really good amount of stock that was lovingly hand spun and dyed in a vast array of colours. Below is a snapshot of their best selling wool big boy which is made out of 70% blue faced wool, 20% alpaca and 10% Nylon which creates a lovely soft mix. 

 At the show there were many examples of the kinds of animals that go into making wool in its rawest form here are a couple of examples of sheep at the show which visitors could pet and admire.
 Spotted hiding in one of the stalls was a lovely knitted sheep keeping good care of the wendy wool.
 In the textile garden stall a large supply of ornate and plain buttons and other nick backs which are a particular favourite of our member Happy Elastic who just loves buttons!!

 Visitors were able to bring their pets one of which was my particular favourite a lovely scruffy doggy who was very cold (as were we).

 Below is a picture of a carding machine with some pink and purple wool on it ready to be spun.
 Below is a very fluffy angora rabbit who was extremely soft and friendly and liked to be tickled behind the ears!
 Here are his friends also angora rabbits

 This picture was taken at the Jenny Barnett stall where she had a washing line full of cute knitted and felted items, here a ballet dress and an old fashioned swim suit.
 We cam across a stall that specialised mainly in antique and vintage knitting supplies and had a lovely display of knitted cushions and a table runner with vintage woven baskets. 

 Here is a picture of a knitted throw that was knitted out of a lovely handspun wool.
 At the Krafty Koala stall she had some lovely examples of hand spun yarn that included a selection of Jubilee yarns. (pictured below)

 This lovely example of a crochet ripple blanket was found in the Cottage Yarns stall I just had to take a picture!

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Charity hats for Pakistan

It's coming up to the 3rd anniversary of the beginning of our wonderful Cannock Crafties group, but up until now we hadn't embarked upon any knitting for charity.  A few weeks ago, friends of a few of our group members had some extremely sad news.

Around the same time p/hop put out an appeal for knitted hats. P/hop stands for 'pennies per hour of pleasure.' It is a knitting fundraising initiative to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders.)  Designers donate beautiful patterns that are available to download from the p/hop site, then knitters 'pay' an amount to MSF based on how much they enjoyed knitting the pattern. It has been extremely successful and has raised almost £33,000 to date. 

The hats are needed for a neo-natal unit in an MSF hospital in Qetta, Pakistan to warm the heads of premature babies and malnourished children. It seemed the ideal way to do something in honour of our friends, to show our compassion for their sad losses in a practical and caring way.

Seventeen hats...

...made with love...

...are now winging their way to the MSF offices to begin their long journey.


Friday 9 September 2011


Just to let anyone reading know that the group is still very much active and we're always happy to see some new faces. Why not come and join us?

The list of meet dates over in the sidebar has just been updated but if you need any more information please contact us on cannockcrafties @ gmail. com or pop across to our group page on Ravelry.

Cannock Crafties on Ravelry *account needed*

See you soon?

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Are you after a new hobby?

Perhaps make some new friends and learn an addictive new skill? Knitting and crochet is very in right now and it's the feature on tonight's Channel 4 programme Kirstie's Homemade Home that has spurred me into updating our site. Kirstie met and worked on a crochet project with Erika Knight.

Both these crafts can be learned through books and websites but isn't it more fun to sit and chat and work your way through a dessert menu week by week? We think so!

Our venue is still Newhall Farm, Lichfield Road. Cannock. The dates of the meets are in the sidebar to the right. If you would like to come along then we would love to see you. Bring some pointy sticks or a hook and some yarn!

Friday 21 May 2010

We're still here!

It's been a long time since the last post but rest assured we are still meeting up and crafting. Why don't you join us?

Thursday 26 November 2009

We have moved!

As of the next meeting we have now moved to The Newhall Inn on Lichfield Road, Cannock.

Just a couple of changes over the festive period. The meeting on the 2nd of December is at the pub as usual but due to them being busy with Christmas meals the meet on the 16th December will be held elswhere. If you were thinking of taking the plunge and joining us then please get in touch or come along to the first meet of 2010 on the 6th January when we will be having our post-Christmas meal.